Attacking RB Towers In The Green Kingdom

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Attacking RB Towers In The Green Kingdom

Post by karsten on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:38 am

Hi Guys/Gals.

In the following you'll find Spy reports and attacking guides for the Robber Baron Towers in Green, or the Great Kingdom, where we all start out.

For those of you playing with resources, attacking them is a valuable source of rubies early on in the game, but their main function will have to be gathering lots of equipment for your castellans and commanders, which you can then upgrade in your smithy.

While doing these guides, I have made a best effort to send tools etc. as you would when you start out in the game, while trying to calculate this with commanders with no equipment bonus. There are ways that you can go and win these battles without tools at all - particularly if you have some well equipped commanders - but you would have to figure these out on your own.

Initially, the towers are very, very easy to attack - but gradually they will become stronger - so these guides serve as a means to minimise your losses. I would still recommend, though, that you do not just blindly follow these guides, but also learn how to send attacks yourself, and maybe see if you can improve on them.

Please be aware that, due to changes made by Good Game Studios, some of the guides on the low levels are inaccurate, as I have not had time to correct them. You should still be relatively safe using them, though.

Happy Hunting.....



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